Our Vision is to become the leading quality solution provider for a healthy living environment and lifestyle to the customer all over the world. This aspiration has provided the impetus for us to offer superior health innovation products, better service and most importantly, product and service satisfaction to our customers. Through our strong retail and distribution network, we have created a leading brand with our flagship product;

The Okamizu Food Detoxifier which helps to remove chemicals in food prior to cooking & storage. Recently we were awarded the Readers’ Choice Award, SME Recognition Award and SME 100 Fast Moving Companies.

Our other iconic products include air detoxifier, car detoxifier, hydrogen alkaline ionized water system, Okaprimus water filtration system and alkaline biostick. Okamizu Food Detoxifier is now available in over 10 countries worldwide: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mauritius, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia. We are currently expanding to new markets and countries. For the next 3 years, we pledge to introduce more innovated, quality and unique products to the market. All these innovated products will improve people’s quality lifestyle and a ‘must have the product’ in every home.

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