The 1st Food Detoxifier technology has successfully proven as the latest technology to produce superoxygen with its consistency, durability & safe which does not produce by product gases and the nutrient remains.

The 1st Detoxifier company been awarded as the 100 fast growing SME Company in 2009 in Malaysia.

The 1st Food Detoxifier has been awarded as Malaysia Most Innovative Product by Malaysia Design Society in 2009 and 2010.

The 1st Alkaline Biostick has won the 2011 Gold Medal Invention Awards accredited by Ministry of Science of Malaysia.

The 1st Air Detoxifier has won multiple awards including Best Invention 2012 and Gold Medal Invention 2012.


The 1st Air detoxifier uses advance 8 in 1 active purification technology in Malaysia.

The 1st food detoxifier Our Factory has certification of ISO14001 and ISO 9001 certified public-listed manufacturer.

The 1st and only car detoxifier branded and sold in Major Airlines.

The 1st Food detoxifier has the most articles featured in newspapers, media and over 100 exhibitions.

  • Okamizu Food detoxifier is the 1st to appear in ASTRO & MEDIA.
  • We have opened 30 info centers in most of the major shopping center in Malaysia.
  • We are the biggest market player for food detoxifier in shopping center & retail chain stores.





The Secret for A Healthy Cooking

Remove 99.99% Bacteria & Harmful Toxic Before You Cook




Closest Thing To Natural Mountain Air

We Purify Indoor Air Contaminants That Other Air Purifiers Don’t





Bring Nature Back To Your Car

Stop Inhaling Chemicals in Your Car No Matter How Good it Smells



The Most Significant Scientific Breakthrough in Water System


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